New Rapid Fire Technology In The Gaming Community From Gamermodz

Most of us have probably see many companies claiming to have a completely universal Rapid Fire modded controller, but have you ever checked to see if it’s true? Like most, you have probably wondered if it’s universal for games already released or will it work for future games. What about being able to fine tune it for games, weapons or your own personal preference? If you haven’t asked yourself those questions, you should when looking at the many different modded controllers in the gaming community.

Lets explain what the “ideal”, completely universal (present and future) Rapid Fire would consist of. First you would be able to adjust the speed of the Rapid Fire. This doesn’t mean have 10 modes to choose from (those are preset modes and there is no guarantee any will work for future games). To us the term “universal” means the ability to tune it for any game, any weapon. The other part of the equation is “can you fine tune the speed of the Rapid Fire?” You want to be able to maximize the rate of fire allowed by the game right? You don’t want to fire slower than what’s possible right? Of course not, that is why it’s important.

The SPS series Rapid Fire from GamerModz meets those 2 standards that we feel the word “universal” should be associated with. I don’t want to toot our own horn (actually I do) but to date, there is no other Rapid Fire on the market that meets the criteria we just discussed except for the SPS series Rapid Fire modded controller only available from

Now let’s talk about the new product which is what the title is referring to. This is the SPS-X3 multi-mode fully programmable rapid fire Xbox 360 modded controller. All those things above, it has them (just like the rest of the SPS series we developed) but the X3 is different, it’s better!

The SPS-X3 modded controller is feature rich and packed with everything the novice or avid gamer needs, and more! Not only does this mod contain the fully adjustable, fine tunable Rapid Fire only available from GamerModz but so much more. This is like the swiss army knife of Rapid Fire controllers, if that swiss army knife had a grenade launcher attached!

Let’s show you a feature list and please, try to keep the drooling to a minimum.

Adjust the rate of fire on the Rapid Fire in exact “shots per second”.
Configure the Rapid Fire for Fully Automatic or Burst Mode.
Configure Burst Mode for any round burst.
Configure the “shots per seconds” the burst rounds fire at.
Configure the Rapid Fire for Right Trigger Only, Left Trigger Only or Dual Trigger Rapid Fire
Customize 5 completely separate modes with completely different settings for any game, any weapon.

As you can see, nothing was left out during the design of this Rapid Fire mod. This is the best solution for anyone looking for a Rapid Fire controller that will work for any game (past, present or future) where you need a leg up on the competition. Here is a quick list of just a few games that this Rapid Fire is great for.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare (MW))
Call of Duty World at War (WAW)
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (MW2)
Call of Duty Black Op’s
Halo 2
Halo 3
Halo Reach
Gears of War
Gears of War 2
Rainbow Six Vegas

The beauty is that games will continue to be released that allow you to fire weapons as fast as your fingers can pull the trigger. That beauty is followed by the SPS series Rapid Fire from GamerModz that will guarantee that you will be able to fire these weapons at max speed without the need for supersonic fingers!
You need to be aware that all other Rapid Fire’s on the market either are not adjustable or lack the fine tuning ability that the SPS series has but more importantly, the other customizations available on the SPS-X3 are not even an option anywhere else!

The Five Most Influential Figures Of Canada

If Canada were to be defined by the deeds of only five people, it would have to include a humanitarian politician, a dedicated peacekeeper, charismatic nationalist, enthusiastic scientist and possibly the best sportsman of all time. These five Canadian figures briefly explain Canada’s story throughout the 20th century and offer a broad view of how Canada has become what it is now. I chose the five people because I believed they best represented the advancements made by Canada in those fields during the 20th century.

The humanitarian advancements would have be undoubtedly the result of the work of Tommy Douglas, who I chose as the most influential Canadian of the 20th Century and Canada’s peacekeeping identity should be credited to the father of UN’s peacekeepers, Lester B. Pearson. Also, the bilingualism in Canada would not exist without the work of Pierre Trudeau, the science and eco-friendliness of Canadians is the effect of the effort of David Suzuki, and last, but not least, the identity of Canada as a nation in the world of sports can be defined through the accomplishments of Wayne Gretzky.

Tommy Douglas was born to a poor family and when he was young, he suffered a severe bone infection. This was treatable, but without the sufficient funds of the family, Tommy was not able to get it fixed and as a result, he was scheduled for a leg amputation. Even with such a dreadful fate on his hands, Tommy went to search for a better solution and by the slightest of chances; he met a doctor who was willing to do the surgery for free as long as his students could observe.

The story ended with Tommy keeping his leg and this was the story that inspired Tommy Douglas to take action. His dream was to allow every person to be able to receive health care, no matter the financial status and with this goal; he became the premier of Saskatchewan and offered the citizens of Saskatchewan Universal Healthcare. Even on top of that, he greatly contributed to the central banking, unemployment insurance, and old age pensions. I have included Tommy Douglas on this list because of the fact that one man, who did not become prime minister, added these components to this country was extraordinary. Not only that, the services that Tommy Douglas publicized are vital services that are much more efficient and cheaper when they are government controlled.

A central bank to control inflation and standardize interest rates, unemployment insurance to lower homelessness rates and poverty levels, old age pensions to insure good senior treatments and increase net income for those with senior parents to support, and finally universal health care to offer everyone equal healthcare and adding a bit of humanity to the otherwise lifeless government. With these changes, Canada has become a better nation that boasts excellent living conditions and proved by the Human Development Index. Universal health care is obviously better for the citizens than private health care and it was the courage and initiative taken by Tommy Douglas that made the change possible. Before Tommy Douglas came around, there weren’t many significant differences between America and Canada and with those socialistic, yet beneficial touches to the government, Tommy Douglas changed the face of Canada for the better.

During the First World War, all the soldiers of both sides wanted a better solution than all the fighting and killing, an alternative that did not involve as much violence and pointless combat. However, they did not know that the Canadian medic, Lester B. Pearson, would later in his life convince the world and achieve such a goal. With a strong educational background, Lester B. Pearson could have done pretty much anything he wanted, but his dedication for change forced him to turn down many appealing jobs and take up politics.

When he finally became Prime Minister, he had a job to do: to spare his people from the dreadfulness of war and racism. With that mind set, he did not send Canadian troops to Vietnam and rid of the racist immigration laws especially against the Chinese and Jews. With his immigration policies, Pearson created the multicultural Canada that we live in today and opened Canada to many opportunities and prosperities due to them. However, the possibly most important deed that Pearson did was not on the national scale, but rather on the international scale.

When the Suez Crisis occurred, Pearson did not see the valid reason for all the violence and deaths resulted from the violence. As a result, he led the UN into creating peacekeepers to resolve the issue. The goal of peacekeepers wasn’t to stop the war with force, but instead enforce peace treaties, create living conditions even with the presence of war and make sure human rights are carried out throughout the whole world. Introducing peace keepers allowed Canada to take initiative and become famous and second for intensive peace keeping everywhere.

The final deed which Pearson changed Canada was by changing the image that the world saw Canada with, its flag. With Canada having lost many of its original ties to Britain, the Union Jack on the Canadian flag was no longer appropriate. As a result, Pearson encouraged changed of the flag and in his second year in office, he made the change that gave Canada its own identity on the international scale. Nonetheless, Pearson was a great figure to Canada; he offered peace, equality in times of war and terror.

A sector that grows even in times of economic distress is the entertainment sector. Even when times are rough and people are short on money, entertainment never fails the people and the people never fail it. As a result, the famous people in this district turn out to be the most influential and celebrated people of the world.

The case of Wayne Gretzky was no different. Wayne grew up with hockey and by the age of 16, he was on his way to becoming the greatest hockey player in the world. When he reached the NHL, he was clearly the greatest and possibly the most talked about player in sports. With this status, Wayne Gretzky took the advantage and gave hockey and Canada a good name. His sportsmanship and kindness resulted in many good images of Canada and the sport of hockey and eventually he erased many biases on hockey players and the country itself. On top of all the change towards hockey, Gretzky set a good example of a model Canadian. For the first time, there was an internationally known person who was proud to be Canadian and gave Canada a good name. His game on and off the ice was his was of contributing to Canada and being such a great person, Gretzky succeeded in doing so. This example led many kids all over Canada to do the same and as a result there is a new wave of Canadian patriotism that was created by Gretzky.

The end of the 20th Century was the end of a great era for Canada. The ties that Canada had with Britain almost disappeared completely and Canada had taken many steps to become a fully independent and a self run country. With the help of Tommy Douglas, the Canadian structure of society and government gained the unique touches that it needed to become a better nation and with Pearson, Canada gained its own flag and a new identity in the international scale as peacekeepers. Pierre Trudeau gave Canada a new side to its identity, the French side, which has actually be around longer than the English side, David Suzuki gave Canada the scientific acknowledgement and the care for Canada as land, and Wayne Gretzky gave Canada the recognition in the world of sports and entertainment.

With all these great figures changing Canada for the good, this country was given the greatest make over from a simple British colony to an independent country that measured up or was better than the United States when it came to many levels. It could be said that the 20th century was a great start to Canada as a modern country and a better nation overall.

Is Warhammer and Warhammer 40k the Best War Strategy Game Ever Made?

This article is intended to serve as a beginning point for anyone interested in war gaming and to showcase what I think two of the best war strategy games ever; the Warhammer and Warhammer 40k produced by Games Workshop Limited.

What are Warhammer and Warhammer 40k? Put simply, in my opinion, are the best war strategy games designed for two players, which involve the assembly, painting, and perhaps conversion of metal or plastic miniatures, to the point where those miniatures can be used as a functioning army. These armies, drawn from the myriad races featured in both games, fight each other using a combination of the statistics used to determine the performance of the models within, and dice rolls, with players matching wits and luck to determine the winner, although fun is of paramount importance.

The games will usually consist of between a thousand and two thousand points of models, with lists drawn up using the army books and codices available for the armies featured in both systems. Each player will take turns to move, shoot with, and assault with his forces, seizing objectives and wiping out opposing units to claim victory points. Most games last for five or six of these turns, though sometimes a seventh is possible, and a typical army will experience many changes as its owner seeks victory over his opponents.

What I am hoping to do here is to illuminate you, not only to the background prevalent in both worlds, whilst at the same time showing you how to defend yourself against any nay Sayers who see fit to dismiss your lovingly crafted models as toys or dolls. Now in a sense these models are toys, since they serve much the same purpose as toys. The difference is that unlike normal toys, which come pre-assembled and painted, with Warhammer toys you are responsible for assembly and painting, though this frees you up to instill your own mark upon the model.

As to deciding which of the two systems you wish to play, or which army, I will briefly describe the background and try to give a quick overview of the armies available. Warhammer Fantasy Battles is the older of the two systems and is essentially a combination of classic Tolkien-esque fantasy with the world of the Renaissance. At the heart of Warhammer is the Old World dominated by the struggle between the Empire, based on the Holy Roman Empire, and the dark forces of Chaos. Essentially it is the story of ordinary humans trying to stave off an impending apocalypse, represented and furthered by Chaos, whilst at the same time existing with a fantasy framework containing, Elves, both good and bad, the Undead, Orcs & Goblins, along with original creatures, such as the rat-like Skaven.

Warhammer 40,000 (or 40k as it is also known) on the other hand retains the gothic fantasy element of its forebear, but here it is blended in with Science Fiction to provide a unique world in which the demonic can battle the alien, and the arcane and futuristic can become the same thing. Many of the races in 40k have their origins in those found in Fantasy battles, with Orks, Eldar and Dark Eldar all corresponding to races in Warhammer. Others however such as the Tau or the Necrons are standard Science fiction archetypes, while the relentless and utterly alien Tyranids are a original concept.

The Warhammer and Warhammer 40k is simply one of the best war strategy game ever made. Its world is a fascinating one where history and myth collide with fantasy, a world where wonders and terrors are to be found in equal measure, where heroes are threatened by enemies both within and without, where magic and technology are combined in equal measure.